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Radhe Lesny, LMFT, SEP

License #MFC24495
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Transforming Touch® Therapist

Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Online Sessions

I see clients online from anywhere in California.

In Person Sessions

My clients live in Pleasant Hill, Concord, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Lafayette, Danville, Martinez, Antioch and Pittsburg.

2255 Morello Avenue, Suite 225 
Pleasant Hill, California

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Appointments 925-413-4093

Somatic Therapy and Somatic Touch Work in the Bay Area
Somatic Therapy and Somatic Touch Work in the Bay Area

Somatic touch work (Transforming Touch®) is an attachment focused neurophysiological method of hands on and intentional healing. I am offering both online intentional touch and in person touch sessions at this time. Somatic touch work is remarkably helpful to regulate the nervous system and bring safety back to the body.

What is somatic touch work
helpful for?

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Overwhelm

• Unresolved Trauma

• Chronic Pain

• Difficulty Connecting


• Stress

How does it work? 

A Somatic Experiencing® therapist who has had special hands on training in touch uses touch to more directly intervene with the client's nervous system. The therapist uses her own regulated nervous system to help bring regulation back to the client.

This happens through an entrainment process between the two nervous systems via touch. Much like a mother bringing comfort and touch to a crying child.  Touch is our first language and is often the missing piece needed for healing from early developmental trauma. The touch can be direct or just through intention or both.

Most developmental trauma is non verbal as it happens very early in life. We might be carrying our ancestors trauma or trauma that occurred while we were in our Mother's womb. We may have had a difficult birth experience.


Trauma is held in a part of the nervous system that is not cognitive, so working with the body through supportive touch is needed for healing from developmental trauma, PTSD and medical trauma. 

Developmental trauma can also be thought of as the hard things that happened to us as children without our receiving enough protection or support to heal from them.

We will connect with your younger parts and bring in the safety and support needed for healing.

To read more about somatic touch, visit and and  

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